Boosting online visibility
of your strategic messages

In High Relevance we know that achieving digital exposure has become mission critical in today's world and we help ambitious businesses to boost the online visibility of their strategic and corporate messages.

The best in downgrading negative links and fake news from Google

4 Years of experience - 40 Professionals
105 Clients - 180 Resolved crisis

Boosting online visibility of your strategic messages

Our Service

is unique and trustworthy

Strategic communication

We make your strategic corporate messages more visible and easy to find online.

Online crisis communications

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Online ranking

We significantly improve the position of any website on Google and other search engines.

How does

our service Work?

We have developed our own methodology (and patented algorithm) based on industry best practices as recommended by Google and other search engines.

We just need keywords through which a client wants to be discovered and the associated URLs. We analyze if the combination of keywords and URL is appropriate, we monitor current positions and we apply our methodology in order to generate the ranking improvements.

Some of our clients

for our ranking service

Our Pricing

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We offer our services on a results-based basis, and invoice our clients only when we have completed the job and satisfied their requests.

White label


We offer a white-label services to communications and PR agencies, so they can also provide our service to their own clients.

Our Founder

Christian Nelson - Founder & CEO of High Relevance

Christian Nelson

With more than 20 years of experience in the area, digital entrepreneur Christian Nelson, founder and CEO of High Relevance (, designed and patented the algorithm and metodology that makes our service so unique and effective four years ago.

Our network of specialists around the world:

We have qualified technical teams based in the UK, USA, Brazil and Chile with more than 45 professionals, and a commercial team with experience in marketing, crisis communication, online visibility, digital content and international business that works together with each one of our clients to find the best solution of their needs.


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