We have a network of specialists around the world

We have qualified technical teams based in the UK, USA, Brazil and Chile with more than 40 professionals, and a commercial team with experience in marketing, crisis communication, online visibility, digital content and international business that works together with each one of our clients to find the best solution of their needs.

Christian Nelson
Our founder

With more than 20 years of experience in the subject, digital entrepreneur Christian Nelson, is the brain behind the design of our patented algorithm and methodology that make our service so unique and effective.

Massimiliano Lodde
Italy & East Europe


Advisory board

Marc Parnell
PhD in mathematics IT

Paul Slinder

Cedric Naintre
Business Development

Rod Marchant
Communication Advisor

Ignacio Pereyra
Business Development

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High Relevance United Kingdom UK - Organic Digital Marketing Agency. High Relevance Paris France - Agence digitale digitaux services marketing organique trafic naturel. Currently we provide our service to clients in: London - United Kingdom; Paris – France; Curitiba and Sao Paulo - Brazil; Buenos Aires - Argentina; Santiago - Chile. High Relevance UK - The best in downgrading negative links or fake news from Google and Youtube - How to delete negative links from Google and Youtube? - How to remove negative links from Google and Youtube - Removing negative links from Google and Youtube - Demote negative links from Google and Youtube - Puch down negative links from Google and Youtube - downgrading fake news from Google and Youtube.

We can work with agencies, companies and individuals anywhere in the UK and the world: Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Madrid - Spain, Berlin – Germany, Milan - Italy, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Brussels - Belgium, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and any city where the client is located.